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Apparently only 10% of women have never experienced the big O. If you are one of these women worry not. After all, orgasms aren’t a basic instinct; they are a learned technique. There are some things you can do to help you learn these techniques that’ll make you moan with delight:
Masturbation - This is the unfaltering path to orgasm for all genders. (Most people can achieve orgasm in minutes) Research shows that the more orgasms you have by whichever means the more orgasms you’ll have overall - women that masturbate usually need less time to become aroused, have more orgasms, higher sex drive, higher self-esteem and better sexual satisfaction
Practice - Sex like any form of exercise takes practice to perfect. The more you do it the better you’ll be at it and therefore enjoy it more! Having sex regularly helps the chemical communication between brain cells quicken and intensifies as they are travelling a path they know. So more orgasms less effort
Massage - A sensual massage from your partner increases the blood flow to your vaginal muscles so they perform to their best.
Active orgasms - During penetrative sex bear down, using the same muscles as if you are trying to push something out of your vagina.this help you push down or squeeze. Resulting in a longer, deeper orgasm he’ll enjoy it too. 
Pelvic floor - Can't stress this enough! better pelvic floor = bigger, more intense orgasms for men and women. Plus for women, the clitoris rests in these muscles and can lead to stronger sensations
Mental foreplay - we all know physical foreplay is a great and important, but did you know mental foreplay is just as important. It makes the body more responsive and primes it for orgasm.
Period sex - Did you know hen you have on your period higher levels of progesterone can give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had (it also reduces period pains)  
Timing - Just before ovulation and right after your period is the best times to try and reach orgasm.
The age of orgasm - studies show that only 23% of women in their 20s Regularly experience orgasm compared to 90% by about 30.
Morning sex - Did you know the morning is the best time to have sex as testosterone levels are at their highest when we first increasing compassion and social bonding wake up
Sex reduces anxiety and depression - This is due to chemicals(dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin increasing compassion and social bonding) that the brain releases when you have sex.
A good night's sleep - we all know the health and mental health benefits of a good night's sleep. Did you know sex before bedtime could improve your sleep? After orgasm, your body releases prolactin, which often leads to drowsiness and a feeling of relaxation.
I orgasm fairly easily during masturbation and oral sex, but I've never been able to climax during penetration. Is this a physical thing or a mental thing?
First, realize that you're not alone. Around 70 percent of women who can orgasm in other ways have difficulty reaching orgasm during penetrative sex. Physically, a woman needs the right type of stimulation of her clitoral region to reach full orgasm. It can also be a mental thing, though, where a woman simply finds it hard to "let go" during full penetrative sex. And, of course, it can be a combination of both.Think through these possibilities and how they apply to you. Perhaps your husband gives you exactly the right friction and pressure you need during oral sex to make you climax, and when you masturbate, you also know how to bring yourself to orgasm. Take this knowledge into penetrative sex. It may be that you need to slightly alter a position, or try completely new positions.
How do I decide which birth control method is right for me?
You're smart to at least consider switching things up to find the perfect fit for you. Too many women stick to the same contraception they've been using since they became sexually active when there might be a more effective approach that works better for their bodies. You can't beat a face-to-face consultation with your healthcare provider, who can look at your lifestyle and needs and give you a more thorough evaluation of what would work for you, whether it's the Patch, the ring, or another pill combo. Depending on how many years you're talking about, your doc may want you to give the Pill a rest. If you do switch, just be sure to take extra precautions (hello, condoms) during that in-between phase when your body is adjusting from one contraceptive to another.
How do we climb out of a no-sex rut?
Start small and slowly. Take your husband back to one of the places you went to when you were first dating. If you can't do that, get out a photo album from your early days and, with no other distractions, share some of your hottest memories. Then ask your husband what he was first attracted to in you. Get him going by volunteering what you found attractive in him, from his smile to the way he first kissed you. Make sure there are no interruptions -- cell phones off! -- and treat it like a real date. 

Couples who do this regularly have proven to reconnect successfully. Once you feel that intimate bond is being established again, ask about his fantasies. Be willing to share yours too. Turn it into a little sex game, where one night you describe your fantasy and then plan a weekend to act it out. Also, make it clear to him that quality, not quantity, counts. Let him know that you're not demanding to go back to having sex three or four times a week, as couples do early in their relationships.
How Can I Make My Partner Comfortable With My Vibrator?
Many men fear they'll become redundant when their woman whips out a vibrator. The perfect scenario is having both of you feel comfortable with a battery-powered friend. How? First off, you could choose one that in no way, shape, or form resembles a penis. The quirky "rabbit" vibrator, the "butterfly" that fits over your clitoris, or the little finger vibes that slip onto his index finger are all possible options. Rev him up by saying you'll do a bit of a show for him -- lie back and pleasure yourself right in front of him, then let him take over. You could also point out that just because he has a hand, You're not redundant, are you? Enough said.